Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My blog design!

Here are some original sketches that I have made for the design of my blog. As you will see these are very basic sketches and will be improved on my iMac. So here it goes, be as brutally honest with your opinions as possible!

These sketches are for a logo and text ideas for a banner at the top of the blog.

(ignore my sketches of Invader Zim characters here lol)

Idea for the whole layout and design of the blog along with a design for the 'Golden Acorn Award' which i may reward to something worthy once a month.

Sorry that these have taken so long to put online, hopefully I will get these done on my iMac by the end of next week and possibly even up and running on the site by the end of the month.

Look for a long blog over the weekend.


Wednesday, 8 June 2011



I did not mean to leave for so long! I went away with my iPhone to visit family thinking that I will be able to update my blog and twitter whilst there but when I got there I found out I had no internet connection on my iPhone at all and that they didn't have wi-fi, this was very disappointing.

Hope is not lost!

Due to the fact I was away from home and most common distraction, i managed to get some good sketches for my blog and logo design!

Also I managed to do interesting things so expect a lot of good information over the next few days about basically everything I have done or found interesting!

Again, sorry I left you for a little bit but it could not be helped.