Saturday, 21 May 2011


Thought I better post to say thank god we aren't dead eh?

Sorry I have not had a chance to upload my logo sketches and stuff yet. Had a surprise family visit yesterday which cheered me up a bit. They WILL be up by Monday, so say tuned.

I am a big wrestling fan (I know it is fake, just can't help watching it since I was little) and I was sad to hear the news that Macho Man Randy Savage dies yesterday. One of the best of all time, apparently he saved us from raptur and if that is true then "Oooh Yeah, Macho Man!".

 Here is a picture I found funny, it is the Macho Man using his patented Elbow Drop finisher on an unsuspecting opponent!

Have a great rapture party!


Thursday, 19 May 2011

These last few days...

So as I said earlier here is my proper post (:

So ALOT has happened this past week and here is a quick catch up!


So Eurovision was apparently a big hit in the UK, possibly to do with the fact that we had our most decent act in years. The boyband Blue entered for the UK and came in a respectable 12th out of 25. The winner of the competitions was Azerbaijan (which I honestly did not even realise was part of Europe and that made me feel bad), their act was Ell/Nikki (not sure which one is which) with the song 'Running Scared'. Here is their performance taken from the BBC YouTube page:

Football (Soccer to anyone who cares)

So over the last week there has been some huge matches in English football. First of all Manchester United secured their 19th top flight title, this means they have now won more than any other club in history overtaking Liverpool who have won 18.

Also the other big thing in Englsh football to happen was the FA Cup Final, this for people who don't know is a dmomestic cup that takes place every season with every football team in English football leagues being entered. Manchester City won this contest beating Stoke City 1-0. The goal scorer was Yaya Toure who is reportedly getting a salary of around £200,000 a week, so i'm guessing he earned that amount with his goal.

Yaya Toure scoring his winning goal in last Saturday's FA Cup Final.
(Image from PressAssociation)

Job Interview

So as I posted earlier I did not get the job I applied for, the ridiculous thing is that I got the job because I was "too old". 

I will be honest with yo here, I am 19, I am a University student who applied for a job at a local Pharmacy who put an advert up asking for a student to work on Satursays.

How the hell am I too old?! Oh well, back to job hunting : /

Britains Got Talent

So there has been little disagreements with people across the UK about a certain act that was on Britains Got Talent. For those that live in America or any othe country, this show is similar to others like it, examples being Americas Got Talent of Australias Got Talent. 

This act performed at an audition (we have not yet got to the live shows) and originally the judges said no they can't go through but after the crowd boo'ed the judges they called the act back out and reversed thei decision. This has never been done in 5 years of the show so it got people talking.

Now I want to get peoples opinion on this, yes I will admit that they are an okay band but comparing them to  even American High School Marching bands I don''t think they were that great. I apologise for having two YouTube videos in one post but this second one has been annoying me for a few days, would you have put them through?

Blog Design

As I am writing this blog there is a Photoshop image open in a separate window showing me my final ideas for my logo, hopefully I'll put up a sneak peak of this tommorow. I'd also like to show some other desigs that unfortunately did not make it. Once this is done I will be working on the rest of the page so there are no boring blue sides around my blog.

To Finish

So sorry I have been away for a while, personally it was worth it but even though this bog is a new thing I kina misse it strangely. 

Should be at least a blog every 2 days from now on, hoefully once a day if I get a chance.

Thank you to all my followers and people commenting, love getting feedback!

Now Ihave my iPhone I will be tweeting more, for those that do not know my Twitter it is -

Hope your all good


Squixel is a very happy blogger!

Although the title is a happy one this blog is going to start on a bad note, I didn't get the job ):

BUT I had a greedy rush and got myself an iPhone! Only a 3gs but it's an iPhone. By the way, does anyone else with an iPhone get really smug when theres an advert for one on TV? Coz I sure do lol.

As well as being a bit greedy I also handed in my last piece of university work for the year! So now i'm free to blog and do whatever I want!

There will be a bigger blog later on today, sorry i've been gone for a few days wanted to make sure my work was perfect.

Hope all is well!


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Eagerness, Frustration and Relief

Yesterday ended well, I wrote my first long blog and found a job advertisement near me!

So today I wrote a C.V (resume for Americans) to apply for a Saturday job. My God this was frustrating to write, finding free templates was easy but looking up everything of merit you have done in the past makes you think 'WOW I've done a lot... oh, I'm getting old..'.

Anyone have any tips on job interviews? Hopefully I won't need one due to it only being a part time Saturday job but it would be nice (:

I was 10 when 9/11 happened, this means that this September on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack I will have doubled in age. Looking back to when I was 10 I would have had no idea what I ould want to be when I grew older. Now, with me being almost 20 I can very happily say that I have made great choices in life, I am very thankful to my family and friends for helping me get to where I am and would not be who I am today without them.

Now less seriously

I am going to start deisgning a backdrop and logo for my blog. So hopefully that will be up soon meaning I can get rid of the plain boring standard one. 
The whole name squixel comes from Squirrel and Pixel so if anyone has any ideas I can use they will be extremely helpful and the person will be mentioned in future blogs.

And now a song, this song is by Bruno Mars and is called 'The Lazy Song'. The album this song is taen from is an amazing album full of big tracks that are recognisable as they are played almost everywhere.

I heard this song a little TOO much today, it literally followed me everywhere, from TV to shops and even in car radios driving past me.
(Video take from official Bruno Mars channel)

The single can be purchased here:
The album can be purchased here:

Hopefully I will do a couple more little posts today, if not on my blog I will do on my twitter account.
Here is the link to my twitter >  Squixels Twitter

See you next time!


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My first proper long post (:

Hopefully I should be start posting a large blog a day from now on, obviously with little ones around it (:
For anyone who does not know I also have a Twitter account > Squixels Twitter 
Watching my Twitter account may give you hints on what is up and coming in my blogs.
This blog is going to contain a few recaps on things happening yesterday and hopefully a couple of things I thought might interest everyone, so here it goes: 
Eurovision Semi Final One

For those that missed it last night was the first Eurovision Semi Final, 10 hopefuls have now moved onto the final.

The big news was that Turkey did not get through to the final. In the 2010 competition the act from Turkey came in an impressive second place but unfortunately this years act, Yuksek Sadakat, could not make the cut and will not even be in the final.

The big discussion about Eurovision is that 5 countries automatically get put through to the final, these are; Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. I think this completely takes away all fairness from the competition, why should some countries not even have to compete and get put straight into the final.

Please feel free to comment yourself on this matter as I am really interested to hear what you think, is it because these are the richer countries or are they just superior musically? 

Semi Final Number Two takes place tommorow night and should again be an eventful night, Irish twins Jedward will be performing and are said to have one of the best odds for winning the final.

The four entrants being given the best odds of winning the second Semi Final are:
  1. Bosnia & Herzegovina (average bet of 7-2)
  2. Denmark (average bet of 4-1)
  3. Estonia (average bet of 4-1)
  4. Ireland (average bet of 4-1)
Something To Brighten Up My Day (or St. Bum Day)

Just because I like Pirates of the Carribean.

Barclays Premier League

I blogged yesterday about a crucial game taking place between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, it was a tightly contested match that Manchester City won by a slender one nil margin. This win sealed at least a top four place for Manchester City which sent them through to their first ever Champions League.

Unfortunately for Tottenham the goal was an own goal by their forward Peter Crouch, this is highly ironic as Crouch scored a goal for Tottenham against Manchester City last season that sent them into the Champions League. This win is the first part of a big end to the season for Manchester City who can still finish in 3rd place and are in the final of the domestic FA Cup.

Crouch scoring the infamous own goal against Mchester City. (Getty Images) 

Thank You
Thank you for reading my blog, feel free to follow (:


I'm a little nosy...

In the last couple of days I have started to follow as many people as humanly possible, sorry if you guys think it is rude.

I'm just really curious on how people write blogs and can hopefully get some influence from you guys, I will look at your blogs at least once a week and hopefully you could do the same (:


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zwei Dos Deux Twee Due Dwa TWO (:

Today's blog has gone multilingual for the start of the 2011 Eurovision song contest. Tonight is the first Semi Final to decide who will be part of the final on Saturday. The contest is being held in Germany this year and is expected to be one of the biggest ever, with more countries sending acts than ever before! If you live in the UK the Semi Finals are on BBC Three this week leading up to the final on BBC 1 or 2 on Saturday.

Last years winner was Lena with her song 'Satellite'. Video is from the BBC youtube channel.

As well as the Eurovision this week there are crucial games in English Premier League football.
As I type this there is a match happening between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs which I will talk about tommorow.

Have a great night people, see you in the morning!


Monday, 9 May 2011

First Post!

This is the start of something magnificent!

I will bring you whatever I find interesting, this could be news, a song, a game or even a lovely fact.

More news on this blog later, now i must go onwards to start the Squixel revolution!