Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My first proper long post (:

Hopefully I should be start posting a large blog a day from now on, obviously with little ones around it (:
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This blog is going to contain a few recaps on things happening yesterday and hopefully a couple of things I thought might interest everyone, so here it goes: 
Eurovision Semi Final One

For those that missed it last night was the first Eurovision Semi Final, 10 hopefuls have now moved onto the final.

The big news was that Turkey did not get through to the final. In the 2010 competition the act from Turkey came in an impressive second place but unfortunately this years act, Yuksek Sadakat, could not make the cut and will not even be in the final.

The big discussion about Eurovision is that 5 countries automatically get put through to the final, these are; Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. I think this completely takes away all fairness from the competition, why should some countries not even have to compete and get put straight into the final.

Please feel free to comment yourself on this matter as I am really interested to hear what you think, is it because these are the richer countries or are they just superior musically? 

Semi Final Number Two takes place tommorow night and should again be an eventful night, Irish twins Jedward will be performing and are said to have one of the best odds for winning the final.

The four entrants being given the best odds of winning the second Semi Final are:
  1. Bosnia & Herzegovina (average bet of 7-2)
  2. Denmark (average bet of 4-1)
  3. Estonia (average bet of 4-1)
  4. Ireland (average bet of 4-1)
Something To Brighten Up My Day (or St. Bum Day)

Just because I like Pirates of the Carribean.

Barclays Premier League

I blogged yesterday about a crucial game taking place between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, it was a tightly contested match that Manchester City won by a slender one nil margin. This win sealed at least a top four place for Manchester City which sent them through to their first ever Champions League.

Unfortunately for Tottenham the goal was an own goal by their forward Peter Crouch, this is highly ironic as Crouch scored a goal for Tottenham against Manchester City last season that sent them into the Champions League. This win is the first part of a big end to the season for Manchester City who can still finish in 3rd place and are in the final of the domestic FA Cup.

Crouch scoring the infamous own goal against Mchester City. (Getty Images) 

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  1. Great post lotta info on Eurovision! Happy to follow

  2. I use to follow Eurovision. Love watching the old films of past contests.

  3. Wow, i agree - very impressive

  4. My grandad played for Man city haha