Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zwei Dos Deux Twee Due Dwa TWO (:

Today's blog has gone multilingual for the start of the 2011 Eurovision song contest. Tonight is the first Semi Final to decide who will be part of the final on Saturday. The contest is being held in Germany this year and is expected to be one of the biggest ever, with more countries sending acts than ever before! If you live in the UK the Semi Finals are on BBC Three this week leading up to the final on BBC 1 or 2 on Saturday.

Last years winner was Lena with her song 'Satellite'. Video is from the BBC youtube channel.

As well as the Eurovision this week there are crucial games in English Premier League football.
As I type this there is a match happening between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs which I will talk about tommorow.

Have a great night people, see you in the morning!



  1. looking forward to the crazy entries for the eurovision lol

  2. Eurovision is nuts...yay!! the only one I couldn't read was twee ...well the only one I couldn't identify the language. I need to learn more language..tonight it's my chinese lessons.

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  4. didnt that crazy finnish metal band once win that contest

  5. @Intraman
    Yeah Lordi won few years back. In Finland we had a saying that hell freezes before we win the contest, but hell hasn't frozen yet. :p

  6. never heard of eurovision. sounds intersting...hmm

  7. shes pretty good ... i like...lol